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> One of many types of Video Poker Games

play pickem poker for freeIf you've never heard of the casino game pick'em poker don't worry because we will fill you in on the details! While some online casinos do not offer the Pickem Poker game, others do.

If all you desire is free pick em poker, you can just visit the casino to the right and download the software and load the game on your computer, phone or tablet. I have personally not seen a pick em poker app, the casino program is the only option at this point in time.

Pick em Poker is a video poker games that can be played at land based casino, as well as at a variety of online casinos. Most often it is at an RTG (Real Time Gaming) powered Casino. If you want to play pick 'em poker then I have a good option for your today, it is one click away.

However, if you are in the USA you probably have noticed that many casinos are no longer accepting wagers, bets, deposits from US players and even canadian players. Some still do, so if you would like to play Pick'em poker video poker games at an online casino..... the casino sites listed here accept american players.

Back to the topic :). At land based casinos, such as in Las Vegas, Pick'em Poker video poker can usually be found in multi-game machines and usually also multi-denominational machines. This means that you have to touch the "games" menu on the screen to see a listing of all the games offered. One of which would be the game of Pick em Poker. Many are familiar to the game of Pickem Poker and some not so familiar.

I recommend you practice at an online casino, just download the casino from their website on your smartphone, tablet or computer and play for free or for real money. Bet as little as a nickel or as much a $5 per bet. Not all casinos offer the game, it needs to be one using RTG software. Tap or Click here

So, what is so so special about this casino game?

Well, for one it is the easiest video poker game to learn to play very well if not perfectly & for me it is the best video poker game! Secondly, the Pick'em Poker rules are easy to learn and the game has great odd for winning!

How to play Picke'em poker?

The Pick'em poker video machine game is a simplified version of the traditional video poker machine. Instead of 32 possible picks, you only have 2 choices when picking cards for the hand.

The game is played with a deck of 52 cards. The computer dealing you two exposed cards on the left side of the screen plus two stacks of three cards on the right side of the screen with the top card of each stack exposed.

You must keep the two exposed cards on the left and you have a choice of which of the two stacks you want to keep that are on the right side. After you make your decision, you push one button corresponding to the stack you want to keep. The computer will then expose the two cards in the stack you kept giving you a five card poker hand (the initial two exposed cards on the left plus the exposed top card in the stack you kept plus the two cards "under" the stack).

So, in a nutshell, your only option in Pick'em Poker video poker is to choose stack A or stack B. Is this not simple? Your 5-card poker hand wins if is contains at least a pair of 9's or higher. In summary, here is what makes the game of Pick 'Em Poker so great:

-- It's easy to learn and play PickemPoker video poker online. There are no penalty cards.

-- You can achieve a long-term return of 99.95% if you play correctly.

-- By using your slot card when you play, you can easily get overall returns that exceed 100%..

-- Pick'em Poker is often the highest paying poker machine in some casinos.

-- Has a low variability, which means you'll experience lower bankroll swings than other video poker games.

-- Pick'em Poker is available in some, but not all, gaming markets.

Tips for playing the game:

As an online video poker player playing pickem poker online i do not recommend that you play for less than max credits that the machine will allow! However some might not agree with me on this one due to the fact that the game has decent payouts with smaller bets. The majority though will advise max betting. Go for a royal flush when playing and you will enjoy the game even more. Also, another tip is to have good money management.

Where to play Pickem Poker?

At online casinos you will find that the operators using RTG software. I have gone through too many casinos to present to you what i believe to be a very good online casino that not only offer the game of pick'em poker but many more. The casinos payout on time, hassle free. I have also researched on casino player forums after personally testing many rtg casinos. Everyone has different tastes so perhaps i should add more but if have not already visited LasVegasUSA, you should.

Pick em Poker Strategy

>A strategy to help you win real money when playing online.

Strategy to hel you win money

Pick ‘Em Poker is a different kind of video poker game, as already mentioned earlier. The game deals out two single cards starting from the left and then 2 sets of cards each containing 3 cards.

You must choose between these two sets of 3 cards for the set that you feel gives you the best hand based on the top card of the set. However, there is no way to determine what the other 2 cards are underneath the top card until after the choice has been made.

When playing pickem poker you may want to have a strategy to maximize your chances of winning at the game. Below you will find some strategies to keep in mind when playing pick'em poker online.

1. When you have a choice between a straight with two insides and an extra high card, choose the high card.

2. Most often, a flush is going to be picked over a straight! But in once case you go with the straight. This is when the straight has no insides and there is an extra high card with the straight than with the flush

3. you have two straights with rank greater than zero. When two straights have the same rank, choose the one with the extra high card.

4. Whenever two straight flushes have the same rank, choose the one with fewer insides.

5. When you have two straight flushes with the same rank, you choose the one with fewer insides.

6. Remember that high pairs are better than all straight flushes, and even A-high royal flushes.

7. The only time a flush is better than a low pair is when the flush has two high cards.

8. The only time a low pair has more value than a straight flush is when the straight flush has two insides and no high cards.

10. All straight flush draws are superior to any 3-card flush in the same hand


Assuming Perfect Play & Max coins - Frequency Payoff Contribution Table

Description Return Frequency Payoff per Dollar Bet Contribution to Total Return
Royal Flush 0.0002842% 1200 0.3411%
Straight Flush 0.002600% 240 0.6242%
Quads 0.04236% 120 5.083%
Full House 0.2356% 18 4.241%
Flush 0.3189% 15 4.783%
Straight 0.5063% 11 5.569%
Trips 3.002% 5 15.01%
Two Pair 6.201% 3 18.63%
Pair, 9's or Better 22.84% 2 45.67%
Nothing 66.85%    
Total 100.0000%   99.95%