Pick'em Poker Strategy Card - Win Money!

>Below you will find the strategy table!

Pick ‘Em Poker Video Poker is a very fun game and when playing it you may benefit more if you have some guidelines to follow. Below you will find a strategy card and the priority associated with the dealt cards.

Once you get the hang of the information presented to you in the table (strategy card), you will come to realize how easy it is to use and follow. Pick'em poker hands vary and in the right column we list the possible hands that you may be dealt. Looking to the left you will see a priority, 1 having higher priority than 2 and so on.

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The first step to using the table below when playing pick em poker is to look at your initial dealt hand and then explore the table to find a combination that match any of your dealt hands.

If you have found it, you keep those cards and re-draw on the remainder. When looking at the table make sure to start at the top and work your way down as the highest priority are at the top of the list! this is the case as on occasions you may be dealt a hand that has different combinations found in the table. the higher up the table you find a combination, that is the keeper.

If you don't have any combination, re-draw all the cards!

Give it a shot, and you will be doing well in no time! It is REALLY that easy now that we have presented you with a Pickem Poker Strategy table!

Card Priority
Pick'em Poker Cards Dealt
1 Three of a Kind
2 TJQs
3 JQKs, TQKs, TJKs
4 High Pair
5 Royal, Ace High
6 9TJs
7 89Ts
8 789s
9 9JQs, 9TQs
10 Straight Flush(open) 0 High, 345s-678s
11 8TJs, 89Js, 79Ts
12 9QKs, 9JKs, 9TKs
13 78Ts, 689s, 679s
14 Straight Flush, 2 Gaps, 2 High Cards
15 Flush, 3 High Cards
16 Straight Flush, 1 Gap, 0 High Cards
17 9TJ or TJQ
18 Straight Flush, 2 Gaps, 1 High Card
19 Flush, 2 High Cards
20 Low Pair
21 Straight Flush, 2 Gaps, 0 High Cards
22 Straight, 1 Gap, 3 High Cards
23 89T
24 Flush, 1 High Card
25 Straight, 2 Gaps, 3 High Cards
26 Straight, 1 Gap, 2 High Cards
27 789
28 Flush, 0 High Cards
29 3 High Cards
30 Straight, 2 Gaps, 2 High Cards
31 78T,689,679
32 Straight(open) 0 High Cards 345-678
33 2 High Cards
34 Straight, 2 Gaps, 1 High Card
35 Straight, 1 Gap, 0 High Cards
36 1 High Card
37 Straight, 2 Gaps, 0 High Cards
38 0 High Cards